Improv dating game character ideas

As with "Surprise Guests," the goal isn't so much to correctly guess the character.

Instead, the performers should focus on humor and character development.

HELPFUL HINTS Good to lead into this with listing many reasons people may be at a bus stop as well as reasons for leaving.

With younger students, give a list of characters a little before they go on stage, they do a better job with a little mental preparation time.

The Surprise Guest improv game is played by four people, with the assistance of the rest of the audience in suggesting amusing identities for the guests.This is the cue for the first player to offer a reason to leave the bus stop, whether their bus arrives, they get a lift from a friend, decide to walk, leave injured.The next player will come on after the two left on stage have had some time to interact, and so it continues till all have had a turn.The students learn a certain freedom and flow on stage with improvisation.Bus Stop the sample game, is an old classic, so hopefully the ideas list helps out.

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